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"Love the tunes created for my 08 F450 with the Stock TQ. Quick to reply and update... — Charles S.
“I couldn’t be happier” — Lee G.
“Great people to work with. Shifts really good now" — Anthony P.
"5 out of 5 on my recent experience" — Ryan B.

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The single biggest "Grin factor" mod of my swap!

Within the last 8 months, I have finished up swapping a late 24v into my'10 Super Duty. This went in front of the factory 5R110 trans with a low stall (1500+/-) convertor. I ran it in stock configuration for a short time, just to shake the bugs out of my swap. Knowing that it still needed trans tuning, I went with who I will only refer to as "Option B". It helped , but I knew it still fell way short of what it was capable of. About that time, I happened across Guy's video that really opened my eyes as to what potential my trans actually still had locked away. To be blunt, I spent twice as much as I should have for proper shifting. The difference not only in performance, but customer service is beyond compare. Never once in my correspondence with Guy have I felt as if I was merely a customer. And through no fault of his, there was a lot of correspondence. He was extremely patient with me in some areas that I lacked experience in, and truly shares a vested interest in making sure he gets it right, and that both parties are happy with the results. I am one who likes to feel a firm, quick shift, and not a mushy, soft stock feel. But not harsh enough to the point it will bark the tires. I now have that, and it's amazing. My butt dyno, and telemetry prove that his tuning is the only real option when it comes to making a swapped truck shift as it should. Spend your money one time, and have it done right from the very beginning!


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