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Wish I would’ve started here first!!!!

Wish I would’ve started here first!!!!

Two years ago I set out to do my own 12 valve swap in a 2010 F-350. Swapping the truck was no tall order, I am a mechanic by trade. However I was a bit leary about what it would entail to get the transmission tuning dialed in. I originally started that process with the company I had purchased the swap kit from. They were trying hard but I was growing impatient due to the time it required just to make 1 small change. Lather, rinse and repeat… it was taking forever and not much progress. I like others turned to Facebook to ask others what they were doing and a certain individuals name kept getting praised. “ This is the man that can line your trans out” so like others I payed and got a couple tunes. Yes the dash was no longer lit up like a Christmas tree, yes a few of my concerns had been addressed but… drive with caution! Wide open throttle was not working out! Scared the transmission was going to grenade, I asked Mr. Facebook tuner for help and then we started dancing around the problem. “Your TPS is not synchronized with your cable / injection pump”… yes sir it is! I’ve checked and rechecked! “Nope you have a problem with TPS”… I finally gave up because my time was more valuable than the frustration. I purchased a BD Tapshifter for a band aid and moved on. After nearly two years of living with it an acquaintance of mine called to ask what I did about my tuning on my transmission. We visited about the heartburn and wasted money. I told him I had read up about another tuner that sounded too good to be true! I was hesitant to refer him because I didn’t want to be that guy that just passed along unvetted referrals. He like me was desperate and needed a solution with his truck just like I did. He agreed to call me after he had took the plunge with Fummins Tuning. My friend had nothing but positive news. “First off the truck shifts AMAZING”, he said. Secondly Guy’s customer service was second to none! And most importantly his attention to detail was over the top! Good follow up, even after the sale. Dropping in and just asking, “ Hey, is it all still good, can I change anything for you?” I was sold!!!! I had to give this project one last chance to be everything I knew it should be. I too reached out to Guy with Fummins Tuning and initiated moving forward one last time to resolve my issues. Man am I ever glad I did!!! My only regret…. WHY IN THEE HELL DIDNT I START HERE FIRST! The whole process was simple, immediate results! My experience was identical to my friends. I cannot say enough positive for Guy’s old school approach to customer service. He’s a mechanic and drives his own swaps. He understands what unlocked potential our projects carry before he works his magic. No bragging no, bad mouthing the competition… just plain and simple proof that he knows what he’s doing and he cares about making your truck run just as good as his! Guy thank you again for your knowledge and your service you provide!!!! Chad R.


Welcome to, where passion meets precision in the world of tuning. At Fummins Tuning, we're not just another face in the crowd; we're the driving force behind your tuning needs. Beyond the realm of Facebook enthusiasts and side-hustle amateurs, we stand as a beacon of expertise and dedication. With a fervor for tuning and a commitment to delivering genuine solutions, we transcend the ordinary. Our repertoire extends far beyond conventional boundaries. Whether it's custom transmission tuning or ECM swap tuning, consider it done with finesse and accuracy.
Delving deeper, our Ford 6.4 Fummins swap tuning exemplifies the culmination of over two years of relentless refinement. We don't settle for mediocrity; we pursue excellence until perfection is achieved. At Fummins Tuning, we recognize the value of instant assistance. Got a burning question? Simply shoot us a text at 863-900-2503, and we'll be there to provide swift answers and unparalleled support. Join us on a journey where innovation meets expertise, and where your tuning aspirations find their ultimate fulfillment. Welcome to, where every tune is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.